Social media for science communication: my conclusions

As we are coming to the end of this workshop, what I learned and would like to take back to Italy is:

CREATE NETWORKS: we used to look at social media as broadcast channels where we only communicate what we do, in a sort of self-referential way. What I will try to do is using social media to be connected to our audience, creating a place where people can talk about us and where we learn something from them.

USE THE RIGHT TOOL: as Genoa Science Festival we activated many different channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Youtube, Delicious, etc.) what I will do after this workshop is think about what we have and wonder if we are using it in the right way. The point is we should use the right tool in the right moment for the right reason. Using them all could be a waste of time and not useful at all.

BLOGGING: My next step will be create a Genoa Science Festival Blog, we discussed about it during the social media game and I guess we find a good “road map” of what I could do to enhance our event.

The guy talking in the video is Borut from Ljubljane  Science Festival (, we were together in these two days and during the social media game.



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